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Valley of Souls

Directed by Nicolás Rincón Gille

Colombia | Fiction | 136

16 Apr
Thu, Apr 16, 2020 at 8:30 pm
YBCA 701 Mission St (between 3rd and 4th Streets)
San Francisco, CA 94103 United States
17 Apr
Fri, Apr 17 at 8:00 pm
Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive
18 Apr
Sat, Apr 18 at 1:00 pm
Roxie Theater


Actor Arley de Jesús Carvallido Lobo is onscreen for almost all of Valley of Souls, and he is unforgettable. He plays José, a fisherman whose two sons are abducted by paramilitaries. With little fuss or ceremony and almost certain knowledge that they aren’t alive, he travels downriver in search of their bodies. His journey – an odyssey in every sense of the word – puts him in contact with a range of humanity from the helpful to the barbaric. Very little in Gille’s powerful film is rendered with words, but the weight of Colombia’s civil conflict is captured by the visual poetry of the camera’s eye.

“DP Juan Sarmiento G.’s miraculously unobtrusive camera seems to erase itself from the process altogether, while Edson Secco’s scoreless sound design envelopes us in the unfolding moment. And so few words are spoken that the screenplay has all but evaporated too, and all there is, is José’s mission, etched into his weather-sculpted face, his fathomless black eyes, and the sinews of his tanned shoulders.” –Jessica Kiang, Variety

Director Nicolás Rincón Gille

Nicolás Rincón Gille began his career as a documentary filmmaker. His films include Those Waiting in the Dark (2007), winner of the Joris Ivens Award at Cinéma du Réel, and Noche herida (2015). Valley of Souls is his first narrative feature.

“My previous films had to be documentaries because they were direct testimonies, so to speak… But there was something missing for me in my filmic process, namely the emotional component, the emotional journey of a person. A journey of sensations, feelings. And this was an impossible thing to do with a documentary, because it was all about violence.” – Nicolás Rincón Gille, International Cinephile Society (ICS)

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Film Details

Language Spanish

Original Language Title Tantas almas

Year 2019

Premiere North American

Runtime 136

Country Colombia/Belgium/Brazil/France

Director Nicolás Rincón Gille

Producer Hector Ulloque Franco, Manuel Ruiz Montealegre

Writer Nicolás Rincón Gille

Editor Cedric Zoene

Cinematographer Juan Sarmiento G.

Cast Arley De Jesús Carvallido Lobo, Carlos Enrique Avila Argota, Maria Amanda Vargas Barbosa