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The Harvesters

Directed by Etienne Kallos

South Africa | Fiction Feature | 104

20 Apr
Sat, Apr 20, 2019 at 6:30 pm PT
21 Apr
Sun, Apr 21 at 3:45 pm PT
Roxie Theater

Guests Expected

Director Etienne Kallos is expected to attend both screenings.


Sensitive teenager Janno’s parents are deeply invested in religion, Afrikaner solidarity, and their farm, while the boy’s interests lie elsewhere. When his parents bring a troubled but charismatic kid named Pieter into the household, a struggle for dominance ensues, and the film powerfully examines masculinity in white South African culture. As Pieter slyly draws various family members under his spell, Janno begins to sense possibilities in his displacement as favored son. Etienne Kallos’s debut is a strong and pitiless drama about the intersection of familial and cultural dynamics.

“Unusual within the annals of its national cinema for its searching examination of the country’s once-dominant, now-dwindling white Afrikaner population, this sternly moving, vividly shot rural drama draws quasi-Biblical resonance from its tale of teenage foster brothers locked in a familial and cultural power struggle on a remote farmstead.” – Guy Lodge, Variety

Director Etienne Kallos

After writing and directing several shorts, Etienne Kallos makes his feature debut with The Harvesters. “South Africa is my country, and I wanted to make a film that explores what is happening there today, to show cinematically an emerging experience that is hard to put into words… I wanted to explore the experience of living in fracture, of being displaced culturally and spiritually, of being a product of this post-colonial era,” says Kallos of this first film.



Film Details

Year 2018

Language Afrikaans, English

Runtime 104

Country France/South Africa

Director Etienne Kallos

Producer Sophie Erbs, Tom Dercourt, Thembisa Cochrane, Michael Auret, Giorgos Karnavas, Konstantinos Kontovrakis, Mariusz Wlodarski, Dan Wechsler

Writer Etienne Kallos

Editor Muriel Breton

Cinematographer Michal Englert

Music Evgueni Galperine, Sacha Galperine

Cast Brent Vermeulen, Alex van Dyk, Juliana Venter

Original Language Title Die stropers