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SFFILM Festival

Shorts 7: Youth Works

30 Apr
Sat, Apr 30, 2022 at 11:00 am PT


With resilience, determination, and consideration, young filmmakers breathe life into filmmaking’s future. Through cerebral period pieces, zany parallel futures, and deeply personal and innovative recollections of growing up, this mix of animation, narrative, and documentary introduces a bold yet nuanced approach to storytelling.

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Total Runtime: 69 min

Titles are listed in order of play.

Over generations, a man rekindles connection to his grandmother and their Vietnamese culture.
(Ethan Chu, USA 2021, 12 min)

Think Like a Filmmaker
An artist interview becomes reflexive as we learn more about the director’s relationship to his father and film subject.
(Eli Berliner, USA 2021, 5 min)

Determined to pursue a new style, a teenager designs and sews a dress, defying tradition.
(Jenna Miller, USA 2021, 4 min)

Avi: From the North
Filmmaker Avi Maksagak weaves poetry with cinematic images in this tribute to home and community in the North.
(Avi Maksagak, Canada 2021, 5 min)

In 1898, Yorkshire, England, an asylum patient fights to return home when her hopes are twisted.
(Ava Bounds, UK 2020, 13 min)

Performance Anxiety
Facing the ridicule of bullies and other hostile peers, a teenager outdoes detractors in a charming animated story.
(Shaina Ocampo, USA 2021, 5 min)

After a terrifying and traumatic day, Alejandro listens to his daughter’s story of the honeybee.
(Emilio Vazquez Reyes, USA 2021, 3 min)

Wrestling with the frustrating workday grind, Matthew turns to the futuristic intelligent AI “E.V.E.” to escape.
(Noah Lillywhite, Kai Willey, USA 2021, 8 min)

Three filmmakers point their cameras at the living breathing city of Bukhara, Uzbekistan, and it looks back out at them.
(Evgeniya Papina, Hurshida Sherkulova, Surayyo Tashpulatova, Uzbekistan 2022, 7 min)

Freshman Year
During her freshman year of high school, Mia must navigate historically strained friendships and family dynamics.
(Bea Hammam, Sydney Kaufman, USA 2021, 7 min)

Film Details

Country USA, UK, Canada, Uzbekistan

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