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Part of SFFILM Festival

Shorts 4: Animation

13 Apr
Sat, Apr 13, 2019 at 5:00 pm PT
16 Apr
Tue, Apr 16 at 8:30 pm PT
Roxie Theater


This wildly eclectic, international collection of animated short films showcases the brilliance and innovation of filmmakers who push the boundaries of the form. Discarded materials, germs, and creatures imaginary and otherwise are presented in a vast array of styles to entrance and beguile all who appreciate the power of animation to create visually incandescent and narratively imaginative worlds.

Total running time 75 min
Titles are listed alphabetically rather than in order of play. All films are in competition.

Bless You!
This whimsical short depicts a world where sneezing and the spread of germs transform and mutate in surprising ways.
(Paulina Ziólkowska, Poland 2018, 5 min)

Cold Pudding Settles Love
This abstract animated short uses multiple styles of animation and elliptical narrative to tell a vividly imagined story about order and disorder.
(Urszula Palusińska, Poland 2018, 19 min)

Confidence Game
Bay Area experimental filmmaker Kathleen Quillian’s latest work artfully examines the art of deception for personal gain.
(Kathleen Quillian, USA 2018, 6 min)
This is a Cinema by the Bay film.

Don’t You Forget About Me
Artist Lydia Ricci’s amazing miniatures of vintage appliances and discarded objects made from scrap materials are celebrated in this delightful tribute to the mundane.
(Lydia Ricci, USA 2018, 4 min)

An ingenious and audacious short featuring a cacophony of sound, imagery, and outrageous abandon, takes us to the site of a wild festival.
(Nikita Diakur, Germany 2018, 3 min)

From Under Which Rock Did They Crawl Out
Striking black-and-white animation traces the expansion of creatures from land, sea, and air.
(Daniel Šuljić, Croatia 2018, 6 min)

I’m OK
Bold colors, broad painterly brushstrokes, and a dramatic operatic score accentuate this historical romance between Alma Mahler and Expressionist painter Oskar Kokoschka.
(Elizabeth Hobbs, Canada 2018, 6 min)

Maniac Landscapes
Flowers reanimate in this hypnotic, surreal work set within an environment saturated in varying shades of red and blue.
(Matthew Wade, USA 2018, 8 min)

Mitya’s Love
Based on the story by Boris Shergin, Mitya’s Love is an impressionistic, romantic tale of fleeting love using images of Russian avant-garde artists.
(Svetlana Filippova, Russian Federation 2018, 14 min)

A hysterical lampoon and pointed critique of our overwhelming obsession with selfies.
(Claudius Gentinetta, Switzerland 2018, 4 min)

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