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Shorts 3: Animation

12 Apr
Sun, Apr 12, 2020 at 1:00 pm
Roxie Theater
Roxie Theater 3117 16th Street CA 94103 United States
19 Apr
Sun, Apr 19 at 7:00 pm
Roxie Theater


This international collection of dazzling and groundbreaking animated films showcases a wide range of distinct techniques to tell personal stories. Whether tackling the loss of loved ones, LGBTQ issues, or the unpredictability of city living, each of these exceptional films highlights the craft and artistry of animation. Includes Oscar-nominated short Daughter from the Czech Republic, along with films from Brazil, Iceland, Hong Kong, Portugal, the UK, and the US.

Total running time 84 min
Titles are listed alphabetically rather than in order of play. All films are in competition.

A poignant tale of love, regret, and forgiveness between a father and his daughter. This exceptional short received the Sundance Short Film Jury Prize in Animation and an Academy Award nomination in 2020.
(Daria Kashcheeva, Czech Republic 2019, 15 min)

Grab My Hand: A Letter to My Dad
A powerful lesson to be present in each moment is movingly told in this poignant tale of loss and healing that employs stop-motion techniques and papier-mâché puppets.
(Camrus Johnson, Pedro Piccinini, USA 2019, 5 min)

Grandad was a romantic
The idyllic marriage of a man who fell in love with his wife from a picture is told from his grandchild’s point of view in this whimsical look at romance and attraction.
(Maryam Mohajer, UK 2019 5 min)

I Bleed
A poetic and imaginative rumination about how one man’s HIV diagnosis transformed despair to self-awareness and gratitude for the beauty and transience of life.
(Tiago Minamisawa, Bruno H. Castro, Guto BR, Brazil 2019, 7 min)

Memoirs of Vegetation
This playful paper-based animation from Jessica Oreck delves into the salubrious uses and nefarious misuses of castor beans throughout history.
(Jessica Oreck, USA 2020, 3 min)

When his car breaks down, Zak is forced to encounter all forms of humanity during a frenzied ride on a city bus.
(Geoff Hecht, USA 2020, 8 min)
This is a Cinema by the Bay film.

Using handcrafted miniatures, the filmmaker tells the story of her move to San Francisco and her first job interview.
(Lydia Ricci, USA 2019, 4 min)
This is a Cinema by the Bay film.

Employing inventive and mind-blowing animation technique, Purpleboy tells a kaleidoscopic tale of gender identity and acceptance.
(Alexandre Siqueira, Portugal 2019, 14 min)

Wong Ping’s Fables 2
Money and rampant consumerism is the name of the game in this amped-up adventure about an enterprising cow and rabbit triplets who reveal the unraveling of tensions between Hong Kong and China.
(Wong Ping, Hong Kong 2019, 14 min)

Yes People
For this group of Icelanders, one word says it all.
(Gísli Darri Halldórsson, Iceland 2019, 9 min)

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