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Part of Hong Kong Cinema film series

Online Screening and Q&A: “Twilight’s Kiss (Suk Suk)” with Director Ray Yeung

22 Jul
Wed, Jul 22, 2020 at 7:00 pm PT

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Guests Expected

Director Ray Yeung is expected to participate in an online Q&A.


The challenges facing aging gay men are dramatized with great warmth in Ray Yeung’s Hong Kong-set portrait of a new love affair. Hoi and Pak have both acknowledged their sexuality late in life; Pak is still married when he makes a pass at Hoi, and they’ve both raised children. But together they find a camaraderie and passion that have been missing thus far in their lives. As their relationship touchingly develops, Yeung’s script also advocates movingly for the lives of elderly LGBTQ people. This film was originally scheduled to screen as part of the 2020 SFFILM Festival and film won two Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress.

“[Director] Yeung demonstrates a keen eye for the social dynamics that impact us and how we respond to them, and finds space to bask in the simple pleasures, basic generosity, and the safety net that is family while simultaneously dealing with homophobia, ageism, and faith.” —Elizabeth Kerr, The Hollywood Reporter

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Director Ray Yeung

Ray Yeung is a script editor and programmer for the Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival as well as a writer and director. Among his features are Cut Sleeve Boys (2006) and Front Cover (2015). He was inspired to make Twilight’s Kiss after reading Travis Kong’s book Oral History of Older Gay Men and adapted a fictional story from its elements as well as personal interviews Yeung conducted. Speaking about the project, Yeung says, “Just trying to find men who were willing to talk to me was a challenge, because a lot of them didn’t want to talk. Finding funding was also difficult because of the subject matter. Anything about the LGBTQ community is already a difficult subject, and when you do something that is about elderly people, people will basically say there’s no box office out there for it.”

Film Details

Language Cantonese

Year 2019

Runtime 92

Country Hong Kong

Director Ray Yeung

Producer Michael J. Werner, Teresa Kwong, Sandy Yip, Chowee Leow

Writer Ray Yeung

Editor Nose Chan

Cinematographer Ming Kai Leung

Music Veronica Lee

Cast Bo Tai, Ben Yuen, Patra Ga Man Au