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Ask Dr. Ruth

Directed by Ryan White

USA | Documentary | 100

21 Apr
Sun, Apr 21, 2019 at 3:00 pm
Castro Theatre
Castro Theatre 429 Castro St
San Francisco, CA 94114 United States

Guests Expected

Director Ryan White is expected to attend.


Petite sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer has made a name for herself dishing honest and upfront advice, promising the best sex you have ever had, if you just listen. But for a woman who is so open to others, she has been somewhat reserved about her own emotions and history. Exploring everything from the hardships she experienced as a child–including growing up during the Holocaust–to her career-defining time as a radio talk show host, Ask Dr. Ruth captures the joyous energy that she still exudes at 90.

“Maybe we don’t look at Dr. Ruth and impose the weight of the world on her slight shoulders in the way that we do with Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Still, Ask Dr. Ruth has no trouble arguing that this spirited immigrant, who has happily played up her own persona for humor and silliness, has had a tangible impact that goes well beyond the punchlines or the explicit individualized advice.” – Daniel Feinberg, The Hollywood Reporter

Director Ryan White

“I’ve made six or seven films now, and I feel like if there’s any thru-line, all of those films have compelling female protagonists at the center of them. I don’t know if I was raised in a family of women—a very matriarchal family. Those are the stories I look up to,” says Ryan White. White was one of four directors of the sports documentary Pelada (2010) before making his solo directing debut with Good Ol’ Freda (Festival 2013). His work since then includes The Case Against 8 (2014), winner of the Sundance Film Festival Documentary Directing Award and a Primetime Emmy nominee for Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Special; Serena (2016); and The Keepers (2017), a miniseries nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series.



Film Details

Year 2018

Language English

Runtime 100

Country USA

Director Ryan White

Producer Rafael Marmor, Ryan White, Jessica Hargrave, Christopher Leggett

Editor Helen Kearns

Cinematographer David Paul Jacobson

Music Blake Neely