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Directed by Pella Kågerman, Hugo Lilja

Sweden | Fiction Feature | 106

12 Apr
Fri, Apr 12, 2019 at 9:15 pm PT
17 Apr
Wed, Apr 17 at 8:45 pm
Roxie Theater
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In this vivid science-fiction drama, a Mars-bound spacecraft is rendered unable to steer after colliding with space debris. Knowing that they have been set adrift for the rest of their lives, the passengers and crew must contend with dangerous group dynamics, relationships formed and sundered, and the power struggles between contentious newly formed cult religions. Stylish and sexy, the film is adapted from the acclaimed epic-length poem by Swedish Nobel laureate Harry Martinson.

“The story itself is filled with surprises, and the themes of relying on consumerism and escapism to distract ourselves from the meaninglessness of existence make Aniara an ambitiously entertaining…sci-fi drama.” — Rafael Motamayor, Birth. Movies. Death.

Co-director Pella Kågerman

Pella Kågerman previously made a number of short films, including The Swedish Supporter (2011), which she co-directed with Hugo Lilja. Aniara is her first feature.

Co-director Hugo Lilja

Hugo Lilja makes his feature directing debut with Aniara. He previously directed short films, including The Swedish Supporter (2011), which he co-directed with Pella Kågerman, and The Unliving (2010), winner of the Best European Short Film Award at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Film Details

Year 2018

Language Swedish

Premiere US

Runtime 106

Country Sweden

Director Pella Kågerman, Hugo Lilja

Producer Annika Rogell, Markus Waltå

Writer Pella Kågerman, Hugo Lilja

Editor Björn Kessler, Pella Kågerman, Michal Leszczylowski

Cinematographer Sophie Winqvist Loggins

Music Alexander Berg

Cast Emelie Jonsson, Arvin Kananian, Bianca Cruzeiro