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A group of people doing yoga in a room.

SFFILM Festival

The Practice

Directed by Martín Rejtman

Argentina | Fiction | 95

27 Apr
Sat, Apr 27 at 8:45 pm PT
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Argentina’s master of deadpan humor Martín Rejtman (Silvia Prieto, Festival 1999; Two Shots Fired, Festival 2014) returns with a droll satire of relationships and wellness culture in a tale centered on an Argentinian yoga instructor living in Chile. Gustavo (Esteban Bigliardi) is recently divorced and struggling with the end of his marriage, problems at his yoga studio, and an injury he is trying to treat with exercise instead of the recommended surgery. An ex-wife he is still in love with, a nagging mother who wants him to return to Chile, a student recovering from a brain injury, another student who may be a thief, and a comely pharmacist are among the characters whose lives and problems intersect in Rejtman’s surreal, absurd, and complex comedy.

Director Martín Rejtman

A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Martín Rejtman attended his home city’s Escuela Panamericana de Arte before studying film at New York University. He made his feature debut with Rapado (1999), winner of the Argentine Film Critics Association Award for Best First Film, followed by Silvia Prieto (Festival 1999), The Magic Gloves (Festival 2004), and Two Shots Fired (Festival 2015). He has also directed documentaries, including Copacabana (2006), which was awarded the Mexico City International Contemporary Film Festival FIPRSESCI prize, and Shakti (2019), a short.

Film Details

Language Spanish

Original Language Title La Práctica

Year 2023

Premiere California

Runtime 95

Country Argentina/Chile/Germany/Portugal

Director Martín Rejtman

Producer Joaquim Sapinho, Victoria Marotta, Christoph Friedel, Florencia Larrea, Marta Alves, Jerónimo Quevedo, Giancarlo Nasi, Claudia Steffen, Fernando Bascuñán, Martín Rejtman

Writer Martín Rejtman

Editor Federico Rotstein

Cinematographer Hugo Azevedo

Music Santiago Motorizado

Cast Esteban Bigliardi, Manuela Oyarzún, Amparo Noguera

Closed Captions Closed Captions are not yet confirmed for this program

Audio Description Audio Descriptions are not yet confirmed for this program

American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation American Sign Language Interpretation is not currently scheduled for this film