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The Gravedigger’s Wife

Directed by Khadar Ayderus Ahmed

Finland | 83

24 Apr
Sun, Apr 24, 2022 at 8:00 pm PT


Deeply committed in their relationship, Guled is the titular digger who seeks work daily while his wife, Nasra, cares for their son, Mahan, though she is hobbled by chronic kidney disease. An operation offers a likely chance for a cure, but with the procedure’s cost well outside of the family’s reach, Guled takes to the road to ask extended family members for financial help. The film crosscuts between his journey and Nasra’s life at home, as husband and wife each tell friends and strangers the story of how they met and fell in love. Filmed with subtlety and grace and an O. Henry-like sense of irony, the film is a humanistic plea for society to aid its neediest members.

Director Khadar Ayderus Ahmed

Born in Somalia and now based in Finland, Khadar Ayderus Ahmed is a writer and director whose short films include We Don’t Celebrate Christmas (2014), The Night Thief (2017), and The Killing of Cahceravaga (2019). His screenplays include Citizens (2008), a short, and Unexpected Journey (2017), a feature. The Gravedigger’s Wife (2021), his feature directing debut and Somalia’s first-ever Oscar® submission, won the Amplify Voices Award at the Toronto International Film Festival and five African Movie Academy Awards, including Best Film.



Film Details

Language Somali, English

Year 2021

Premiere California

Runtime 83

Country Finland, Germany, France

Director Khadar Ayderus Ahmed

Executive Producer Misha Jaari, Mark Lwoff, Risto Nikkil

Producer Bufo, Twenty Twenty Vision, Pyramide Production

Writer Khadar Ayderus Ahmed

Editor Sebastian Thümler

Cinematographer Arttu Peltomaa

Music Andre Matthias

Cast Yasmin Warsame, Omar Abdi, Khadar Abdoul-Aziz Ibrahim

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