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25 Apr
Mon, Apr 25, 2022 at 8:30 pm PT

Guests Expected

Director Daniel Carsenty is expected to attend.


“On the left side is Israel; on the right side is Palestine.” Every day, cousins Hamouda and Ismail smuggle Palestinian workers into Israel through gaps in the border wall. In order to provide for their families, the two men and their passengers risk going to prison if they are caught. Hamouda and Ismail’s extensive knowledge of the desert does little to lessen the omnipresent danger. They drive and live each day as if it could be their last. Joining the ride over several years, the filmmakers place us in the passenger seats for the perilous commute. Frantic images immerse us into the drivers’ anxiety-inducing lifestyle, one heightened by encounters with Israeli soldiers.

Director Mohammed Abugeth

Jerusalem-born Mohammed Abugeth started his career as a production assistant for Idioms Film in Ramallah, Palestinian Territories, before getting his MA in media management at Academy of the Deutsche Welle in Bonn, Germany. He is currently in post-production on a short film, Irene and Steve.

Director Daniel Carsenty

Frankfurt, Germany, native Daniel Carsenty attended the Konrad Wolf film school in Potsdam, where he made his first feature After Spring Comes Fall (2015), winner of the best feature prize at Hungary’s Vilmos Zsigmond Film Festival. In addition to filmmaking, Carsenty is also a journalist who has worked for BBC Arabic and ARTE in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. The Devil’s Drivers is his second feature.



Film Details

Language Arabic, Hebrew, English

Year 2021

Premiere California

Runtime 93

Country Qatar, France, Lebanon, Germany

Director Mohammed Abugeth, Daniel Carsenty

Executive Producer Ben Dressel, Rolf Mayer

Producer Daniel Carsenty

Editor Laia Prat

Cinematographer Daniel Carsenty

Music Henning Fuchs

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