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Doc Stories

Shorts Block: Human Exposure

6 Nov
Sun, Nov 6, 2022 at 1:00 pm PT

Guests Expected

Directors Cynthia Wade, Sharon Liese, Alfie Koetter, and Cristina Costantini are expected to attend.


This eclectic group of joyous shorts uses immersive, kinetic visuals to take a fresh look at the human condition around the world. A former Italian street gang from Brooklyn reflects on the concept of community, a motley crew of flagmakers in Wisconsin challenge the definition of patriotism, a loving wife and son recount caring for an ailing loved one, while a father flees into the sea in a desperate attempt to emigrate, and ethereal reflections on erasure in both Canada and Croatia make powerful arguments on the importance of documentation. Featuring animation, essays, claymation, found footage, and archival work, each piece contemplates the fragility of life as exposed by film.

Film Details

Runtime 100

Country Various

Closed Captions Closed captions are not available for this screening.

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