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Part of SFFILM Festival

Shorts 5: New Visions

14 Apr
Sun, Apr 14, 2019 at 7:00 pm PT
22 Apr
Mon, Apr 22 at 6:00 pm PT
Roxie Theater


Each of these new experimental works explores the influence of pop culture on the physical form of our bodies. In the attempt to re-evaluate our cultural perceptions, memory becomes distorted but the material remains. Pop singers, soap operas, and media re-enactments twist the original patterns of our memories, senses, and flesh.

Total running time 88 min
Titles are listed alphabetically rather than in order of play. All films are in competition.

The Labyrinth
Led through the lush greenness of the Colombian jungle, a man divulges the bizarre connection between a notorious drug lord and the soap opera Dynasty, crafting a journey of lunacy, credibility, and survival.
(Laura Huertas Millán, Colombia/France 2018, 21 min)

Life After Love
Stationary loneliness, anxieties, and automatic responses permeate the lives of individuals in a parking lot.
(Zachary Epcar, USA 2018, 8 min)
This is a Cinema by the Bay film.

Mixed Signals
Amid the serenity of the sea, nautical codes convert into auxiliary messages of physical and sensory damage.
(Courtney Stephens, USA/United Arab Emirates 2018, 9 min)

Now and There, Here and Then
The digital frame is both accessible and distorted as a girl confides to her mother 5000 miles away – a virtual portrait of distance and generations.
(Sun Park, UK/South Korea 2018, 12 min)

Pelourinho, They Don’t Really Care About Us
The words of W.E.B Du Bois reference a disturbing past, while echoes of Michael Jackson’s music haunt the streets, in Owusu’s (Mahogany Too, Festival 2018) latest work that searches for meaning of Black skin, discrimination, and self-consciousness in Brazil.
(Akosua Adoma Owusu, USA/Ghana 2018, 9 min)

That Woman
Using original transcripts and source material, this sardonic recreation starring George Kuchar as Barbara Walters, reimagines the Monica Lewinsky interview, thus reframing a media spectacle that plays with seductive performativity while sharply questioning women’s roles in the media.
(Sandra Davis, USA 2018, 22 min)
This is a Cinema by the Bay film.

Traces with Elikem
A literal corporal imprint of the skin, beautifully expressing the layers of history and identity.
(Ariana Gerstein, USA 2018, 7 min)

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