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26 Apr
Tue, Apr 26, 2022 at 8:30 pm PT


Hailing from all over the world, this eclectic mix of films takes its protagonists on journeys that grant them a better understanding of who they are. From realistic to surreal, each short is as riveting as it is compelling. Note: For Mature Audiences.

Total Runtime: 103 min

Titles are listed in order of play.

Things aren’t always as they seem from behind the digital screen.
(Baggio Jiang, China 2021, 22 min) Bay Area Voices Film

All Nighter
The glimmer of opportunity tantalizes a family. Who could resist a perfect crime?
(Ritviq Joshi, Hardik Sadhwani, India 2021, 19 min)

Be Somebody
Three boys on the cusp of adulthood in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, prepare for a roadtrip.
(Edelawit Hussien, Ethiopia 2021, 15 min)

Michael (Himesh Patel) battles depression. After trying many things, he finds relief from an unlikely source.
(Saul Abraham, UK 2021, 18 min)

Empty Hands
In this dark and surreal comedy, a depressed mortician talks to his dead clients.
(Paolo Marinou-Blanco, Portugal 2021, 15 min)

All the Crows in the World
Shengnan falls down the rabbit hole of a mens’ night out, laser lights in all.
(Yi Tang, Hong Kong 2021, 14 min)

Film Details

Country Portugal, India, Hong Kong, Ethiopia, UK, China

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