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animated people dance around a race car
26 Apr
Tue, Apr 26, 2022 at 5:30 pm PT


Bodies dance, flesh becomes pliable, cycles repeat, and hey, does that face in front of you look familiar? This mix of animated and new visions shorts upends traditional approaches to storytelling, and features work from Latvia, France, China, French Guiana, the UK, and the US.

Total Runtime: 84 min.

Titles are listed in order of play.

During a car race, a father’s pressure on his son turns him into a tire.
(Sander Joon, Estonia 2022, 16 min)

Anxious Body
Fixed objects meet flesh, one giving way to the other.
(Yoriko Mizushiri, France/Japan 2021, 6 min)

Norma will soon find out if there is someone, or maybe something, in her house.
(Max Weinman, USA 2021,11 min)

Ever Wanting (for Margaret Chung)
The euphoria and despair of Margaret Chung, San Francisco’s first Chinese American female physician.
(TT Takemoto, USA 2021, 6 min) Bay Area Voices Film

Don’t Get Too Comfortable
In a letter to her deceased grandfather, the filmmaker reflects on migration and the Yemeni diaspora.
(Shaima Al Tamimi, Yemen/USA/Netherlands/Qatar/UAE 2021, 9 min)

Still Life
A meditation on the entanglement between objects and the visual language of our modern world.
(Conner Griffith, USA 2021, 8 min)

Isn’t It a Beautiful World
A path to catharsis through the exploration of shared trauma and the queer experience.
(Joseph Wilson, UK 2021, 13 min)

Thanks Again!
The merry-go-round of life as realized on a Shōwa-era street corner.
(Yifan Jiang, Japan/China 2021, 5 min)

Life Is a Particle Time Is a Wave
A watchmaker whose wife passed away spends his days stuck in a routine reminiscing about the past.
(Daniel Zvereff, USA 2021, 10 min)

Film Details

Country France, Japan, Yemen, USA, Netherlands, Qatar, UAE, UK, Estonia, China

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