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FilmHouse Talk: The Art of Audio Description

17 Jul
Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 11:00 am PT
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While film has historically been thought of as a highly visual medium, the growing field of audio description demonstrates that powerful visuals can still be made accessible for (and by) people who are blind or have low vision. In fact, the act of doing so raises artful questions that can help expand our perception of cinematic storytelling and how it is experienced. This panel discussion, featuring audio describer Katie Murphy and narrator, consumer, and advocate Thomas Reid, moderated by Superfest Disability Film Festival coordinator Emily Beitiks, will educate about audio description best practices while also raising some of the more provocative and challenging questions that audio description brings up, as the subjective viewing experience is paired with language.

For other accessibility questions or requests please email ada@sffilm.org.

Panelist Katie Murphy

Katie Murphy is a freelance audio describer and autistic self-advocate based in the Bay Area. Accountable to her vibrant, local disability community, her audio description explores the social context and power dynamics underlying visual representations. At the same time, her work emphasizes the aesthetic possibilities of audio description through lush detail, clever wordplay, and pause-for-effect timing. In addition to narrative and documentary film, she has described photography, performance art, and live events.