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On a Magical Night

Directed by Christophe Honoré

15 Apr
Wed, Apr 15, 2020 at 8:30 pm
Roxie Theater
Roxie Theater 3117 16th Street CA 94103 United States
17 Apr
Fri, Apr 17 at 6:15 pm


When Maria (Chiara Mastroianni) breaks up with Richard (Benjamin Biolay), her husband of 20 years, and checks into a hotel across the street, she crosses into a magical realm where she’ll meet her guardian angel, several ex lovers, and the 25-year-old version of her future husband. With a romantic and farcical sensibility that stems from Shakespeare and Dickens, Honoré’s (Dans Paris, Festival 2007) delightful new film tackles the way love changes over time and how people can be more attracted to the memory of a beloved than the actual self.

“Surrounded by a great cast, including Carole Bouquet as the older Irene, it is Chiara Mastroianni who bewitches. Maria is one of her best roles in years and she shows all the flair of a great screwball comedy star in playing the light and shade of this strong, independent women … Beneath the impish, inventive surface of On a Magical Night lies real emotions around loyalty, devotion, and how to ensure love never dies. It is a film as charming as it is touching.” –Allan Hunter, Screen Daily

Director Christophe Honoré

A novelist as well as a screenwriter and director, Christophe Honoré studied film and literature at the University of Rennes 2. His films include Ma Mère (2004), Dans Paris (Festival 2007), Love Songs (2007), Making Plans for Lena (Festival 2010), Beloved (2011), Metamorphoses (2014), and Sorry Angel (2018).

“I wrote [On a Magical Night] for Chiara Mastroianni and I imagined her as a Cary Grant-type character. I found that that particular form of acting, which is very precise and highly amusing, suited her well… As a film-lover, I’ve been hugely influenced by American comedies on the subject of remarriage, like those by Leo McCarey and George Cukor, and I tried to create a crossover between these films and those with more of a French feel about them.” –Christophe Honoré, Cineuropa

Film Details

Language French

Original Language Title Chambre 212

Year 2019

Runtime 90

Country France/Belgium/Luxembourg

Director Christophe Honoré

Producer Philippe Martin, David  Thion

Writer Christophe Honoré

Editor Chantal Hymans

Cinematographer Rémy Chevrin

Cast Chiara Mastroianni, Benjamin Biolay, Vincent Lacoste