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three people dance on a train filled with commuters

This trio of films employs experimentation and hybridity to forge new ground in telling BIPOC stories. Through fiction, documentary, and dance they reveal rich portraits of communities.


Fri, Apr 29 at 5:45 PM

Roxie Theater

Short Film 1: Listen to the Beat of Our Images

Short Film 2: The Door of Return

Mid-Length Film: Mud Water

Listen to the Beat of Our Images

When France built the Guiana Space Centre in Kourou, French Guiana, to the Guianese people, it felt like an invasion.
(Audrey Jean-Baptiste, Maxime Jean-Baptiste, France/French Guiana 2020, 16 min)

The Door of Return

In a future free of persecution, a Black woman prepares to return to 2020.
(Kokutekeleza Musebeni, Anna Zhukovets, Germany 2021, 30 min)

person looks up towards a blue light

Guests Expected

Guests from Mud Water, The Door of Return, and Listen to the Beat of Our Images are expected to attend.



Mud Water

Legend and reality mingle across the Bay Area landscape, as a young turf dancer searches for his shadow. The myth exerts an ever deepening hold, even as a battle with a rival dance crew approaches and his friends need him to compete. Mud Water blends folklore, naturalism, and dance in a story of friendship tested and studded through with ethereal turf performances, a dance style originated in Oakland.

Director My-Linh Le

My-Linh Le does not just make films about dancers, she is also a choreographer and competitive freestyle dancer with an MFA in Dance from Arizona State University, part of Playboyz Inc. Popping crew, and she has danced for an array of artists, including Sanford Biggers and Kendrick Lamar. She studied performance art and activism at UCLA before getting her law degree at UC Davis. While practicing environmental law first in San Francisco and then in Oakland, she started and developed the turf dance project, Mud Water Theatre, that inspired her film.

Film Details

Language English

Year 2021

Premiere World

Runtime 31

Country USA

Director My-Linh Le

Executive Producer Mosaic America

Producer Elijah Guess, My-Linh Le

Writer My-Linh Le

Editor Reynolds Barmey

Cinematographer Elijah Guess

Music Adele Etheridge Woodson

Cast Phillip Mays, Xavier Days, Arthur V. Gardner

Closed Captions Closed captions are not available for this screening.

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