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Mid-Length: “Mum Is Pouring Rain” + “The Snail and the Whale” + “Zog and the Flying Doctors”

Directed by Hugo de Faucompret

France | Mid-Lengths | 30

Ticket buyers and pass holders to this event will have access to stream the film within the indicated window of time. Views must be completed within 24 hours of starting. Viewing of the film is restricted geographically to the US only. The Q&A with cast and crew will play following the film credits. Visit our FAQ for more info.


Film Available to Stream

Fri, Apr 9 at 12:01 am – Sun, Apr 18 at 11:59 pm PST


Jane, a strong-minded and independent little girl is sent off to stay with her grandma during the holidays while her mother struggles to overcome a bout with depression. Reluctant and angry at first, Jane brightens as the trip quickly turns into a welcome adventure filled with time for healing, magical discovery, and unexpected friendships. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Screens with:

The Snail and the Whale
The latest from the award-winning studio Magic Light Pictures is a beautiful story of an unlikely friendship, that begins when a snail that longs to see the world hitches a lift on a humpback whale’s tail. Together they go on an amazing journey, past icebergs, volcanoes, sharks, and penguins, experiencing a wonderous celebration of a lush and diverse natural world. Recommended for ages 5 and up.
(Max Lang, Daniel Snaddon, UK 2019, 26 min)

Zog and the Flying Doctors
A mermaid with a sunburn, a unicorn who’s grown a second horn, and a sneezing lion test the skills of a trio of flying doctors who are committed to treating all kinds of creatures, real and mythical. Each new challenge is a test that helps Princess Pearl, Sir Gadabout, and Zog the dragon develop into a perfect partnership. Recommended for ages 5 and up.
(Sean Mullin, UK 2020, 24 min)

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Director Hugo de Faucompret

Hugo de Faucompret is a filmmaker, animator, art director, and writer. His films include the shorts, Que dale (2015) and Apollinaire – 13 film poèmes (2016).

Film Details

Language French

Original Language Title Mamen Pleut Des Cordes

Year 2021

Runtime 30

Country France

Director Hugo de Faucompret

Producer Antoine Liétout, Ivan Zuber, Emmanuèle Petry-Sirvin, Jean-Baptiste Wery

Executive Producer Antoine Liétout, Ivan Zuber, Emmanuèle Petry-Sirvin, Jean-Baptiste Wery

Writer Lison d'Andréa, Hugo de Faucompret

Editor Benjamin Massoubre

Music Pablo Pico

Cast Siam Georget-Rolland, Yolande Moreau, Arthur H, Céline Sallette