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SFFILM Festival

Mars One

Directed by Gabriel Martins

Brazil | 115

23 Apr
Sat, Apr 23, 2022 at 7:45 pm PT


This charming and humorous film centers on the Martin family, a dynamic unit who meet the shifting politics of modern-day Brazil with grit and determination. Featuring four vibrant characters — the matriarch Tércia, who struggles to move past a shocking experience; her husband Wellington, a man of appetites and futebol superfan, who spends his days caring for the middle class with indefatigable loyalty; their bookish son Deivinho, who obligingly absorbs his father’s athletic ambitions while harboring a secret desire to colonize Mars; and Eunice, a young woman discovering her sexual identity — this tender film is a delightful portrait of a bombastic clan who dare to dream. Tensions flare and disaster looms but this ensemble of strivers finds strength in one another. Tenderly woven together by writer-director Gabriel Martins with a keen eye for the authentic minutiae of daily life, Mars One will nourish your soul.

Director Gabriel Martins

Director, writer, producer, and editor Gabriel Martins studied filmmaking at Centro Universitário UNA in his hometown Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and co-founded a production company, Filmes de Plático, in 2009. His short films include Meu Amigo Mineiro (2012), Rhapsody for the Black Man (2015), Nothing (2017), and Nove Águas (2019). He directed a segment of The Devil’s Knot (2018), a horror anthology. In the Heart of World (2019) was his first feature, made in partnership with Maurilio Martins.

Film Details

Language Portuguese

Original Language Title Marte Um

Year 2022

Premiere California

Runtime 115

Country Brazil

Director Gabriel Martins

Executive Producer André Novais Oliveira, Gabriel Martins, Maurilio Martins, Thiago Macédo Correia

Producer Thiago Macédo Correia

Writer Gabriel Martins

Editor Gabriel Martins, Thiago Ricarte

Cinematographer Leonardo Feliciano

Music Daniel Simitan

Cast Rejane Faria, Carlos Francisco, Camilla Damião

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