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27 Apr
Wed, Apr 27, 2022 at 8:45 pm PT
30 Apr
Sat, Apr 30 at 7:45 pm
Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive


Wryly funny and suspenseful, this Cannes hit portrays a trio of Romanian aid workers (Dan, Maria, and Ilinca) whose SUV gets stuck on a logging road in remote Transylvania. Their day begins genially enough, but the journey takes a turn for the worse after they give a lift to a desperate old man that detours through the woods. As the day darkens, camaraderie between the threesome turns to sniping, and Dan leaves the women behind to get help. Matters intensify when a driver reeking of booze and machismo stops to offers assistance. With nuanced characters and dialogue, Radu Muntean’s film explores potent issues of bias and privilege by putting those whose very job is to give aid, in need of aid themselves.

Director Radu Muntean

A graduate of the Academy of Theatre and Film in his hometown Bucharest, Radu Muntean was among the filmmakers that ushered in the Romanian New Wave when he made his first feature, The Rage (2002). Among his other films are The Paper Will Be Blue (2006); Summer Holiday (2008), for which he won the directing prize at Romania’s Gopo Awards; Tuesday, After Christmas (2010); and One Floor Below (2015).



Film Details

Language Romanian, English

Original Language Title Întregalde

Year 2021

Premiere California

Runtime 104

Country Romania

Director Radu Muntean

Executive Producer Dragos Vilcu

Producer Dragos Vilcu, Oana Iancu

Writer Radu Muntean, Razvan Radulescu, Alexandru Baciu

Editor Andu Radu

Cinematographer Rudor Vladimir Panduru

Cast Maria Popistasu, Ilona Brezoianu, Alex Bogdan

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