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The brief moment at the end of the 20th century when it seemed that diplomacy might prevail in the long Israeli-Palestinian conflict, along with the collapse of that hope, are explored through the rueful recollections of US diplomats in Oscar-nominated Dror Moreh’s (The Gatekeepers) latest. These key players and witnesses provide fascinating details and inside access to the complicated negotiation process and America’s self-appointed role as peace broker while documentary footage brings this recent history vividly back to life.

“It’s a deeply wise examination of statesmanship and leadership, or their egregious absence; a celebration of compromise as the indispensable element of diplomacy; and a stirring argument for the power of humanity.” –Joe Morgenstern, The Wall Street Journal

“Another compelling documentary from Israeli filmmaker Dror Moreh, whose 2012 study of Israel’s Shin Bet security agency, The Gatekeepers, remains one of the seminal non-fiction works of our teenage century. . .[T]he diplomats are all exceptionally vital, with superb memories, practiced verbal dexterity and strong insights, who worked for a president who, whatever his faults, here reminds what it was like to have a sharp, young, mentally dexterous commander in chief at the wheel.” –Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter

Director Dror Moreh

Israeli filmmaker Dror Moreh is a longtime cinematographer who moved into directing with Sharon (2007). His second feature, The Gatekeepers (2013), was nominated for a Best Documentary Academy Award. The Human Factor is his third film.

“In today’s world, a lot of people — especially young people — shape their views on how the world is from social media, and are most likely affected by like-minded people, with similar opinions to theirs, which means the only truth they are exposed to is one-sided. Good films, in my opinion, show the world as it is: complex, contradictory, multilayered. However, change is a big word, so I believe that a movie can provoke a change for new ways of thinking, looking at problems from a different more nuanced perspective, adding new information to the debate, and create a bigger canvas.” –Dror Moreh, Chicago Film Festival

Film Details

Language English, Arabic, Hebrew

Year 2019

Runtime 108

Country Israel

Director Dror Moreh

Producer Dror Moreh, Teddy Leifer

Editor Oron Adar

Cinematographer Kobi Zaig

Music Eugene Levitas