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Hotel Soul Good

Directed by Yan Pak-wing

Hong Kong | Fiction Feature | 99

13 Jul
Sat, Jul 13, 2019 at 4:00 pm PT


Driven hotel manager Katy Chow starts seeing ghosts after she suffers a nasty bump on the head in Yan Pak-wing’s spirited comedy. After Katy is fired for her overly firm hand at work, her poltergeist pals make her aware of a small guesthouse which soon gains renown and popularity for being haunted. In return, the ectoplasmic entities ask her to provide a “yin” so that they can bring closure to their purgatorial existence. Enter hapless ne’er-do-well Jason (popular comedic actor and Cantopop singer Louis Cheung) who is proposed as the potential avenue for their escape and a possible beau for Katy, and the stage is set for hysterical hijinks of an otherworldly kind.

Hotel Soul Good is largely set within the premises of a budget hotel whose staff members include a woman who sees ghosts, a spirit medium, and three actual ghosts … This is a ghost movie with a heart and soul, whose makers appeared more inclined to tickle the funny bone and touch the heart than scare people witless.” — YTSL, Webs of Significance

Director Yan Pak-wing

Yan Pak-wing studied engineering at the University of Melbourne, but switched to the arts and majored in directing at the Hong Kong Academy School of Film and Television. Yan’s graduate work Hearse Driver was an observational work about funerals that screened at several student festivals. In 2017, he co-directed the fantasy comedy Vampire Cleanup Department (HKC 2018).

Film Details

Language Cantonese

Year 2018

Runtime 99

Country Hong Kong

Director Yan Pak-wing

Producer Y.C.

Writer Yan Pak-wing, Yim Ka-yee, Lo Ka-yi, Li Ho-tin

Cinematographer Kubbie Tsoi

Cast Chrissie Chau, Louis Cheung, Eric Kot