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22 Apr
Sat, Apr 22, 2023 at 12:45 pm PT

Guests Expected

Directors Kevin Duncan Wong, Todd Sills, and Kar Yin Tham, as well as Participants from the film


“You gotta build your whole life in a room,” says one of the protagonists of this memorable documentary focused on residents of San Francisco SROs or single room occupancy housing. Available to people with lower incomes or those trying to get off the streets, the buildings are frequently cramped, often noisy, and sometimes riddled with vermin. The film tellingly reveals inhabitants who are diverse and complicated and have a wide variety of needs that these residences and their staffs are often unable to meet. From a single mother trying to find her missing daughter to an elderly woman who is going blind and facing eviction, to an ex-couple in recovery and co-parenting their son, the film gives voice to the broad range of people struggling to keep a roof over their heads in one of the wealthiest cities in the country. With poignancy and humor, Home Is a Hotel is a must watch for any Bay Area resident.

Director Kevin Duncan Wong

Home Is a Hotel is Kevin Duncan Wong’s feature debut. He previously made 11 short films, including the inspiration for the feature, Home Is a Hotel (2015), which won numerous awards, among them CAAMFest’s Loni Ding Award for Social Justice. He is a Sundance Humanities Sustainability fellow and a 2022 SFFILM FilmHouse resident.

Director Kar Yin Tham

After establishing herself as a producer, Kar Yin Tham makes her directorial debut with Home Is a Hotel. She is a 2022 SFFILM FilmHouse resident.

Director Todd Sills

Producer/Co-Director Todd Sills is a documentary filmmaker and television producer based in the Bay Area. Before working with Kevin on My Little Hilton and the Home Is a Hotel short, Todd produced and co-directed the feature documentary Red Without Blue, which received the Audience Award from the Slamdance Film Festival and the Jury Award from the Frameline Film Festival, among others. Before being acquired by the Sundance Channel, Red Without Blue screened at film festivals, universities, and museums all around the world, and garnered glowing reviews in The SF Chronicle, The LA Times, The Advocate, The Seattle Times and The Guardian.

Film Details

Language English, Cantonese, Spanish

Year 2023

Premiere World

Runtime 92

Country USA

Director Kevin Duncan Wong, Todd Sills, Kar Yin Tham

Producer Kevin Duncan Wong, Kar Yin Tham, Todd Sills

Editor Kristina Motwani

Cinematographer Seng Chen

Music Catherine Joy

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