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G Affairs

Directed by Lee Cheuk-pan

Hong Kong | Fiction Feature | 105

13 Jul
Sat, Jul 13, 2019 at 6:30 pm PT

Guests Expected

Director Lee Cheuk-pan and actors Hanna Chan and Kyle Li are expected to attend.


Nominated for multiple Hong Kong Film Awards and supported by the First Film Fund, Lee Cheuk-pan’s debut feature tells a dark story of murder, prostitution, and police corruption. It begins with a timid cello player shocked by a severed head bouncing into his apartment. After it’s revealed that he’s been letting a corrupt cop use his flat for nefarious activities, the story expands to include several of the young musician’s schoolmates and teachers, many with disturbing backstories. Director Lee is interested in how criminality in city departments and schools seeps into the body public, and G Affairs shows how Hong Kong’s dark underbelly makes itself known in the light.

G Affairs picked up a pile of Hong Kong film award nominations, including nods for best new director, supporting actress, and cinematography, and there’s no doubt the film is a striking, cranky debut … [The film] represents a welcome critical voice in an industry that seems to be letting its mouthy cinematic heritage wither on the vine. — Elizabeth Kerr, The Hollywood Reporter

Director Lee Cheuk-pan

After serving as assistant to filmmakers such as Dante Lam, Herman Yau, and Wilson Yip, director Lee Cheuk-pan turned his attention to his directorial debut, G Affairs. After receiving funds from Hong Kong’s First Feature Film Initiative, he decided to make a challenging and explicit film that may not see release in mainland China. Speaking to this he says, “Personally I’m not against making films with China, but the subject matter of this film in particular is what it is … By changing it I would be making a different movie; it would be a different project.”

Film Details

Language Cantonese

Year 2018

Runtime 105

Country Hong Kong

Director Lee Cheuk-pan

Producer Flora Goh, Titus Ho

Writer Kurt Chiang Chung Yu

Editor Barfuss Hui Man Kit

Cinematographer Karl Tam Ka Ho

Music Joe Ng

Cast Hanna Chan, Kyle Li, Chapman To, Huang Lu