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Directed by Vuslat Saraçoglu

Turkey | Fiction Feature | 95

19 Apr
Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 8:00 pm PT
20 Apr
Sat, Apr 20 at 3:45 pm
Roxie Theater
22 Apr
Mon, Apr 22 at 3:30 pm
Roxie Theater


The travails of a duty-bound husband and father who works in an economically struggling print shop are conveyed with humor and pathos in this beautifully performed Turkish film. Tufan is basically a kindhearted fellow who takes in a neighbor with emphysema and helps his daughter nurse a wounded bird. But as tensions at work rise and the increasingly sickly houseguest begins to strain his marriage, Tufan begins to wonder if trying to live a life that is just and good is worth the trouble. Winner Best Film, Istanbul Film Festival.

“[Debt] takes is strength from its authenticity, and it embraces a documentary-like reality. In a very natural way, the film tells the story of a middle-class family and the people in their lives in Eskişehir, Central Turkey; it’s like they set up a camera in a real family’s home and just started filming their lives. The authentic environment created in the film is largely due to Saraçoğlu’s spot-on casting choices and the actors’ excellent performances. There is no doubt that Saraçoğlu is a keen observer. She accurately reflects her characters’ mentalities, behaviours, ways of speaking, social lives, and how they relate to shopkeepers, neighbours, and friends.” – Alin Taşçıyan, Ahval

Director Vuslat Saraçoglu

Vuslat Saraçoglu, a native of Tokat Province, Turkey, is an actor, producer, writer, and director, who makes her feature debut with Debt, winner of the Golden Tulip for Best Turkish Film of the Year at the Istanbul International Film Festival. In an email interview with Scroll.in, she wrote what inspired the film was thinking about “How evil is analyzed while kindness and goodness are taken for granted and romanticized… For the past five years, I wanted to basically ask, ‘What is goodness?’”



Film Details

Year 2018

Language Turkish

Premiere North American

Runtime 95

Country Turkey

Director Vuslat Saraçoglu

Producer Vuslat Saraçoglu

Writer Vuslat Saraçoglu

Editor Naim Kanat

Cinematographer Meryem Yavuz

Music Erdem Ergun

Cast Serdar Orçin, İpek Türktan Kaynak, Rüçhan Çalışkur,

Original Language Title Borç