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10 Apr
Fri, Apr 10, 2020 at 6:00 pm
Roxie Theater
Roxie Theater 3117 16th Street CA 94103 United States
15 Apr
Wed, Apr 15 at 6:30 pm
Grand Lake Theatre

For the 2020 Doc Stories program, Coded Bias, navigate here.


This revelatory documentary exposes the ways that AI systems have developed algorithms that can infringe on our privacy and threaten civil rights. From facial recognition software that finds it difficult to distinguish the faces of women and people of color to HR systems that reject applicants with “ethnic” or female names, the impact of these technologies cannot be underestimated. Featuring several women tackling algorithmic bias, the film reveals the unchecked power that is being wielded from the data collected with every keystroke and phone call we make.

“A new documentary by director Shalini Kantayya, Coded Bias aims to dig deeper in how racial bias in facial recognition technology is a much bigger problem than it may seem. Using a diverse set of interviews and examples on how facial recognition software and sorting algorithms are a danger to society, the documentary provides a major case for why legal intervention is pivotal in creating an equal environment for all.” –Julia Sachs, GritDaily

Director Shalini Kantayya

Shalini Kantayya is a Fulbright Scholar, TED Fellow, Sundance Documentary Film Fellow, and finalist for the ABC Disney/DGA Directing Program. As a contestant on On the Lot (2007), a Steven Spielberg reality TV series seeking to find the next great film director, she finished in the top ten. She made her feature debut with the documentary Catching the Sun (2015).



Film Details

Language English

Year 2020

Runtime 90

Country USA/China/UK

Director Shalini Kantayya

Producer Shalini Kantayya

Editor Alexandra Gilwit, Shalini Kantayya, Zachary Ludscher

Cinematographer Steve Acevedo

Music Katya Mihailova