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Beyond the Headlines: Investigative Journalism in Documentary Filmmaking

The live talk will take place on this page, and a video recording will be posted here shortly afterward. Access to the conversation is free; RSVP to receive email notifications. Visit our FAQ for more info.


Live Talk

Sat, Dec 5 at 8:00 pm PST


Bonni Cohen, Ramona S. Diaz, David France, Alexander Nanau, and Jon Shenk are expected for the live talk on December 5 at 8:00 pm PST.


As the press continues to be attacked and stories are buried or overlooked because of the latest Tweet from the news cycle, documentary filmmakers continue to unearth and expose some of the most important issues of our time, often in real time as stories unfold. Join the documentarians and special guests behind some of the most powerful films of 2020 — Athlete A (Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk), Collective (Alexander Nanau), A Thousand Cuts (Ramona S. Diaz), and Welcome to Chechnya (David France) — to discuss the complexities of reporting and filmmaking, and the people who bring to light the grave injustices of today.

Recommended viewing:
Athlete A is available to watch on Netflix.
Collective will be available to watch on various platforms through Magnolia Pictures on November 20, 2020.
A Thousand Cuts is available to watch via various virtual cinemas.
Welcome to Chechnya is available to watch on HBO.