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SFFILM Festival


Directed by María Zanetti

Argentina | Fiction | 87

26 Apr
Fri, Apr 26 at 8:45 pm PT
27 Apr
Sat, Apr 27 at 7:15 pm PT

Guests Expected

Director María Zanetti are expected to attend


María Zanetti’s vivid debut feature, inspired by her own family’s story, tells the story of Lola, a 16-year-old who dreams of escaping her challenging homelife. Lola struggles with school and driving lessons but the mental illness of older sister Julieta presents greater challenges. Julieta consumes their parents’ time and money, leaving Lola often ignored, at constant odds with her mother, and dreaming of a different life. Maite Aguilar makes an indelible screen debut as a young woman yearning for refuge and security in this complex drama that drifts between a teen’s inherent need to embark on her own path and the difficulties her parents face in meeting the disparate needs of their daughters. Striking cinematography further enhances this vibrant coming-of-age tale, which won the Best Director and Best Screenplay prizes at Cine Ceará—Ibero-American Film Festival.

Recommended for ages 13 and up.

Director María Zanetti

Argentinian director María Zanetti has over 10 years’ experience directing music videos and commercials as well as films. Her short films include Ping Pong Master (2011), Chivilcoy (2013), Me da lo mismo (2017), and Furia (2020). She also helmed a documentary series, Gastro (2019). Alemania, her debut feature, was awarded the 2021 Artekino International Prize when she brought the project to the San Sebastián Film Festival’s Europe-Latin American Forum.

Film Details

Language Spanish

Year 2023

Premiere California

Runtime 87

Country Argentina/Spain

Director María Zanetti

Executive Producer Juan Pablo Miller, José Esteban Alenda

Writer María Zanetti

Editor Sebastián Schjaer

Cinematographer Agustín Barrutia

Music Sergio de la Puente

Cast Maite Aguilar, Miranda De la Serna, María Ucedo

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American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation American Sign Language Interpretation is not currently scheduled for this film