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SFFILM Festival

Music + Film: 32 Sounds

Directed by Sam Green

USA | 95

24 Apr
Sun, Apr 24, 2022 at 7:30 pm PT
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Immerse yourself in sound and cinema with this exploration of the auditory aspect of film through 32 sound experiences encompassing everything from a lonely bird’s mating call to a Zamboni gliding over an ice rink to the comforting sound of a cat’s purr. Festival favorite Sam Green (The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller, Festival 2012; A Thousand Thoughts: A Live Documentary by Sam Green and Kronos Quartet, Festival 2018) returns with this absorbing documentary, a poem in audio and images that blends art and science and may just change the way you perceive not only cinematic sound but those things you hear every day. The filmmaker narrates with a live score by JD Samson.

Director Sam Green

32 Sounds (2022) is the latest of Sam Green’s live documentaries, a list that includes A Thousand Thoughts (Festival 2018), The Measure of All Things (2014), and The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller (Festival 2012). Among the Detroit native and UC Berkeley graduate’s other films are shorts Pie Fight ‘69 (Festival 2000); N Judah 5:30 (2004); Lot 63, Grave C (Festival 2006), winner of a Golden Gate Award for Best Short; Utopia, Part 3: The World’s Largest Shopping Mall (Festival 2009); and features Oscar® nominee The Weather Underground (Festival 2003) and Utopia in Four Movements (Festival 2010).

Composer/Musician JD Samson

JD Samson is an artist, musician, composer, DJ, curator, and producer. She was a member of Le Tigre, an electronic-feminist-punk band that will reunite in August 2022 after 17 years apart, and she was the lead singer of the band MEN. She is currently a member of Sharer and Crickets and has previously performed with Peaches (for whom she also served as musical director) and New England Roses. She is an Assistant Arts Professor and Performance Art Area Head at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, and she has created multimedia art, hosted documentary programs, founded a record label, acted, modeled, and written for publications that include Huffington Post and Talkhouse. She is also an activist for progressive social and political causes. 32 Sounds is her third collaboration with Sam Green after Gay Zelig (Whitney Biennial 2019) and 7 Sounds (2020).



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