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Film Available to Stream

Fri, Apr 9 at 12:01 am – Sun, Apr 18 at 11:59 pm PST


This selection of documentary shorts features flocks of wildfire-fighting sheep, the pursuit of happiness on behalf of a pet turtle, and a prison art activation from a renowned artist. Together, the films explore the effect of people and animals on their immediate environments, and their environments’ effect on them.

Total running time 93 min
Titles are listed alphabetically rather than in order of play. Films in competition are noted by *.

American Wildlife*
At a wildlife rehabilitation center in the Pacific Northwest, the steady, practiced, and gentle hands of veterinarians nurse dozens of convalescing animals back to health.
(Elizabeth Lo, USA 2021, 9 min)

Seminoles have wrestled alligators for centuries, a hunting tradition that evolved into a Florida tourism staple more than 100 hundred years ago and an economic touchstone for the tribe. The history of this custom unfolds through the alligator wrestlers’ own stories.
(Adam Piron, Adam Khalil, USA 2020, 14 min)

Last Days at Paradise High
The most destructive wildfire in California history leveled Paradise in November 2018. As the seniors of Paradise High finish out the school year away from their shuttered campus, they must reconsider what it means to leave home.
(Derek Knowles, Emily Thomas, USA 2020, 24 min)
This is a Bay Area Voices film.

Shepherd’s Song
Growing up, Jenya longed for a place where she belonged. She found it in the nomadic life of sheep herding. Now, she traverses California with her flock, helping to manage grassland and restore ecosystems.
(Abby Fuller, USA 2020, 20 min)
Closed captioning will be available for this film.

Snowy, a pet turtle, has spent a decade relegated to a dark corner of a basement. When his happiness and well-being are called into question, his owner valiantly tries to improve the reptile’s situation with mixed results.
(Kaitlyn Schwalje, Alexander Lewis, USA 2020, 13 min)
Closed captioning will be available for this film.

Currently and formerly incarcerated men at California’s supermax penitentiary in Tehachapi collaborate with renowned photographer and artist JR on a project to transform the prison yard into a powerful – but temporary – work of art.
(Tasha Van Zandt, JR, USA 2021, 14 min)
This is a Bay Area Voices film.

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