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Film Available to Stream

Fri, Apr 9 at 12:01 am – Sun, Apr 18 at 11:59 pm PST


This collection of narrative and new vision shorts shines a tender light on society’s frictions, from single parenting in a new country to patriarchal workplaces to the stresses of a job interview. At the end of it all, we are met with a bid for how we might persevere. This program features work from Germany, Ghana, the US, Lithuania, Hong Kong, Canada, and Greece. Contains content that may be sensitive to some viewers.

Total running time 100 min
Titles are listed alphabetically rather than in order of play. Films in competition are noted by *.

When single-dad Faruk’s daughter Kali stows away on his delivery truck, he must juggle parenting with doing his job, his first in a new country.
(Zamarin Wahdat, Germany 2020, 14 min)

Benjamin, Benny, Ben
A man rushes to a job interview on a desperate mission to make a good first impression in this snapshot of living with anxiety.
(Paul Shkordoff, Canada 2020, 8 min)

A foreigner in Ghana is tasked with finding and entertaining two children for a job later that evening, but as the day turns to night his growing fondness for them brings second thoughts.
(Anthony Nti, Ghana/Belgium 2019, 20 min)

Doretha’s Blues*
A Texas blues singer loses the will to perform after the death of her son. Now, she spends most nights at the local juke joint for company and a stiff drink, until a news story dredges up old memories.
(Channing Godfrey Peoples, USA 2021, 15 min)
Closed captioning is available for this film.

A team of investigators asks a criminal to lead them through his brutal crime, reenacting it with a faceless doll. As they go deeper and deeper into the woods, the men’s camaraderie becomes increasingly uncomfortable.
(Laurynas Bareiša, Lithuania 2020, 13 min)

The End of Suffering (a proposal)
As panic washes over Sofia, the Universe reaches out to offer solace. When this world gets too hard, she need only think of Mars.
(Jacqueline Lentzou, Greece 2020, 15 min)

Signal 8
A wavering radio signal floats in and out over fleeting images of Hong Kong, lending an eerie quality to the 16mm images. Through his lens, Liu traces the efficiencies and breakdowns of modernity to reveal a city on a precipice.
(Simon Liu, Hong Kong 2020, 15 min)

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