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SFFILM Festival

Nudo Mixteco

Directed by Ángeles Cruz

Mexico | Fiction | 92

Ticket buyers and pass holders to this event will have access to stream the film within the indicated window of time. Views must be completed within 24 hours of starting. Viewing of the film is restricted geographically to the US only. The Q&A with cast and crew will play following the film credits. Visit our FAQ for more info.


Film Available to Stream

Fri, Apr 9 at 12:01 am – Sun, Apr 18 at 11:59 pm PST


Converging around a Mexican village’s yearly festival, this powerful drama depicts the upheaval created when three people who left return home. María comes to bury her mother but faces her father’s condemnation over her sexuality, Esteban seeks revenge for his wife’s infidelity, and Toña is compelled to address a childhood trauma that is impacting her daughter. With tension and empathy, this debut feature portrays the constraints on women’s lives within a culture of machismo.

Director Ángeles Cruz

Ángeles Cruz is an actor turned filmmaker, whose first short, The Doldrums or How to Cure Sadness (2012), won an Ariel Award for Best Short Fiction Film, a feat she repeated with her third short film, Arcángel (2018). Her second short, La carta (2016), was nominated for that same award. Nudo Mixteco is her debut feature.

Film Details

Language Spanish, Mixtec

Year 2021

Premiere California

Runtime 92

Country Mexico

Director Ángeles Cruz

Producer Lucía Carreras, Lola Ovando, Ángeles Cruz

Executive Producer Lucía Carreras, Lola Ovando

Writer Ángeles Cruz

Editor Miguel Salgado

Cinematographer Carlos Correa

Music Rubén Luengas

Cast Sonia Couoh, , Eileen Yáñez, Noé Hernández,